The kitchen if one of the most, if not the most popular room in the house which is why it is extremely important to plan and design the space that create a functional living area.

Immackulate Designer Homes have come up with a few tips to designing a versatile kitchen.


The size of the kitchen will depend of how the kitchen is laid out. Make sure you put function first when you think of how it will be designed. There is no absolute kitchen design so choose between a galley, u-shaped or l-shaped plan.


One of the biggest mistakes we come across when some of clients are designing their kitchen is the storage. When laying out your kitchen design, ensure you plan enough room for storage and use every area you can. Place overhead cabinets right to the ceiling rather than leaving a gap and consider deep drawers for easy access.


Unlike other rooms, the light needs to be positioned to fall right in front of your workspace. You do not want the light behind you in the kitchen casting a shadow on the area you will spend most of the time.


Make sure you allocate enough power sources for new appliances or relocate them to new areas. Do not leave it too late to have the right gas or electric lines placed in the right area to make it an extremely versatile kitchen.


Create space, you can never have too much! There is no such thing as too much counter space as it allows for a large surface area where work can be undertaken easily. Make sure that you keep in mind the material and texture used for the benchtop – if you choose tiles, think about the grout and stainless steel scratches easily. You want your kitchen to be very stylish but at the same time practical and functional.


Not matter whether you are starting from fresh or redesigning your current kitchen, do not reuse appliances or items from your old kitchen. Making the kitchen more modern will look a lot better as old appliances will stick out like a sore thumb.


Range hood. Choose a range hood that will ventilate the kitchen well. Make sure you purchase one that is efficient, quiet and vented outside.


You need a open plan living space that is clean, uninterrupted kitchen design that adds style to your room and not takes it away.

Think about colour that creates a fresh look, think about incorporating white in with the other textures and colours you will be implementing.


You want the best design and layout for your kitchen and space which is why it is advisable to speak to an expert. Give Immackulate Designer Homes a call today if you are looking to renovate or plan a new kitchen design.


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