Anyone who lives on the Sunshine Coast knows that the outdoor spaces are probably the most important feature when it comes to entertaining and enjoying the beautiful weather we have on offer here. In order to understand how our clients plan to use these outdoor spaces, we find ourselves asking the same questions in discussing the interiors of the home … how do you envision using the outdoor space of your house?
It may be an extension of the home that blurs the lines between the inside and the out, it
may be designed for the ultimate pool party big enough to entertain a larger crowd or it
could be used as a backyard oasis, a place designed for a little piece and quiet. When actually designing the space or spaces, details like choosing the right location for your pool and decking to make the best use of sunlight to taking into account the low and continuity of your beautiful garden features are factors in designing your outdoor space.
An important thing to remember is that your space should feel comfortable to you and your guests. It is always a good idea that when you are surveying your property, visualise “what-goes-where” and your “must-have” inclusions, this way Immackulate will have good understanding about what you see at the ultimate outdoor space and one that suits your wants and needs. We will then help you include the perfect size, shape and style in your design.
When you work with Immackulate Designer Homes, our designers will help you incorporate
ideas for multiple seating areas for entertaining or relaxing, parents retreats, your dream
outdoor BBQ area and cabinetry for all those things that provide comfort, practicality and
the perfect representation of everything you ever imagined you might need.
If you are looking to design an incredible home on the Sunshine Coast then make sure you give Immackulate Designer Homes a call today!
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