The stairs in your home can have a compelling visual impact on your interior design. The staircase is a fundamental element of architectural design and makes a powerful statement aesthetically while still performing the fundamental purpose it is there for.

Although there is always the technical requirements that ensure safe construction and of course simply allows the access between floor levels, a specific staircase design can make a statement that enhances the architectural style of your home.

When choosing a design it is very important to take into consideration your budget, space, safety, comfort, building codes and overall be certain with your decision.

There are many different kinds of materials that can be used when designing your staircase. Take into consideration timber, marble, steel and even the new trend of concrete. Glass stairs are usually used for minimal and modern designs. Ensure that the materials used suit the interior design of the rest of the house and are durable.

Aside from materials, you can choose from the different designs. It could be straight stairs, half turned staircase, quarter turned staircase and spiral staircase. The design also depends on your available space.

Make sure you do your research with staircases and get the exact design and finish you want.

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