Thanks to we learnt a whole lot of tips to making your home minimalist. If you are looking to reduce your items to the necessary elements, then the minimalist look is for you. Clean lines, a neutral palette, hard finishes and contemporary furniture… here is how you do it.

Minimalism In Home Design

  1. Get rid of clutter

It’s time to start removing everything that you don’t use or need, bring order to your home! If you just can’t think of parting with it then conceal it instead. Think long-term – cabinets, tasteful baskets or if it’spretty, on a tray on top of a coffee table.

  1. Stick to the same colour palette

When it comes to minimalism, it means you are going to stick to a neutral colour palette. Lot’s of colour can appear far too busy for the minimalist home look which is why it is important to bring harmony

  1. Add texture

With the minimal look, you should add visual interest through texture.

Do this by placing a sheepskin or throw over chairs, a hammered metal bowl also does wonders. Also, adding a vase of flowers or succulents to a space to give it a touch of colour and style.

  1. Have a focal point

in every room of the minimalist house, have a focal point such as a central piece of furniture from which every other element refers to and radiates out from. This will make sure that your brand new home build is not too busy and your eyes won’t be overwhelmed by statement pieces.

  1. Groupings

Like picture frames and trinkets, a great way to pull of the minimalist home look is to consolidate similar objects together. As always, there is strength in numbers and a series of similar items next to each other makes a very bold, and edited statement.

By following these tips Immackulate Designer Homes has just given you, you will be able to create a minimal home design. Whether you are designing a new home build, renovating or looking in to invest in a house and land package, then you should definitely look into styling your home with the minimalist home design look.

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