There is strong debate over blending the kitchen and dining areas – is it old fashioned to have them separated or is it a perfect compromise to make your home stylishly functional? Let’s explore the possibilities.

When designing your interior, it’s all about space, utility and comfort; these are the key factors, but of course style is super important. There are several options for eat-in kitchens. For instance, a banquette, what a charming, space enhancing idea to make use of a room with a view.

The built-in seating is a cosy and intimate idea to bring the family together. However, a more open space may suit the entertainer in you. You want a space that is multi-functional, that is defined with an underlying cohesion and flow that suits the purpose of the space. Let your design define the spaces, then allow yourself to picture the statement pieces that will provide the style and functionality.

Remember, whilst your design is open plan and has separate defined areas, it also needs to blend together. At Immackulate Homes, we meet with our clients onsite and envision all your ideas so we get a real time feel of your desired outcomes. We have dedicated expertise in ensuring we deliver exactly what our clients are after.

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