Many buyers still choose to get into the market the way our parents did – signing up for a new house and land package.

Selecting a neighbourhood, a block and builder can prove daunting, so to help get you started here is our new homebuyers guide.

The right estate

When it comes to selecting the community, start with your lifestyle and make sure the community you choose meets your needs. You wan tot make sure that when you invest in a house and land package you pay attention to infrastructure nearby, particularly transport like rail back to the CBD and areas where there is work.

 New estate checklist

  • Travel time to work, family and friends
  • Community design – takes advantage of the landscape and incorporates social infrastructure like childcare and schools
  • Good transport and shopping options nearby
  • Open public space like parks and walking trails.

The lot

There us a trade-ff between the smaller, affordable lots suited to first home buyers and the bigger block which are best for upgrading home buyers who need a backyard large enough to cater for a family. At Immackulate Desigenr Homes, we make sure that when you are looking to build your future with a house and land package, that all your needs and wants with living arrangements and design are met.

Lot check list:

– Shape of lot suited to the house you intend to build

– Grading – flat for the designs of volume builders, sloped for spilt level but will need bespoke design

– Orientation – backyard facing to afternoon sun?

– Topography – elevated if you want a balcony with views

– Smaller lots for a smaller houses closer to parks and retail

– Unstable soil and underground rock – these can ratchet up building costs.

Why Immackulate Designer Homes is your right builder

The best way to find a builder that suits your needs is to look at a range of their previous home builds… this is where Immackulate Designer Home stands out.

  • We will tell what is included and what isn’t
  • We ensure the layout of yoru home meets all your needs and wants
  • Construction – Immackulate gives you a direct timeline and handover date
  • We will inform you of environmental features with the potential cost of power, water and gas and how it is incorporated in the design

If you are looking for a builder that is flexible, trustworthy, reliable, effective, efficient and absolutely brilliant at building homes, then give Immackulate Designer Homes a call today and build your future.

Immackulate specialises in new homes, house and land packages and home renovations.