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We know how exciting designing and building your new home is, that’s why we have dedicated our lives to it, but we also appreciate it can be difficult to understand all that is involved.  The following are some brief explanations for some of the most frequently asked questions we receive from clients.

I’m into the Hamptons look, would you build one for me?2020-04-30T04:51:37+10:00

Absolutely. We have done a number of Hamptons looking homes. Immackulate is an all round versatile building service and we design and build houses entirely around delivering our clients vision, with our own professional design advice and flavour of course!

I live interstate, will you still take on my project?2020-06-09T01:40:38+10:00

Absolutely! We have designed and built numerous houses for clients who are living interstate. Quite often we get engaged to design and build your home while you live away, and then our clients move to QLD straight into their brand new home. We have designed and built over 10 houses for clients who live interstate and all have been a seamless process. One of our clients was relocating from Sydney, they sold up everything and went around Australia for a year. During that year on the road we designed their house via zoom meetings and phone calls, constructed their entire project and their last stop was the Sunshine Coast where they moved into their beautiful new home!

How can I contact Immackulate Designer Homes?2016-01-20T08:31:55+10:00

Immackulate can be contacted via email info@immackulate.com.au or by phone 0415 686 850

What is the home design process?2020-06-09T01:43:03+10:00

Immackulate manage the entire design process for you, it’s a simple three strep process, consultation, design and delivery. We ask you to fill out a brief so that we can get to know you and understand your living wants and needs. We meet on your land so that we can get a feeling of the canvas that we are working on. We then connect and get creative at our offices with our design team. Based on a combination of your brief, budget, land restrictions and moodpboard, we custom design every aspect of your home. From floor plans, facade options, interior cabinetry design, bathroom design, exterior living and landscaping we manage the entire process in-house. When we meet again we present your floor plan, facade options, and project cost. Once signed off, we complete all of your interior selections in-house and proceed to the construction phase. For more detailed information, please refer to the ‘Custom Homes’ section of this website.

Are Immackulate Sunshine Coast Builders?2020-06-09T01:45:23+10:00

Yes we are. We were born and raised on the Sunshine Coast and as a result know the area in great depth. We have built houses from Caloundra to Noosa and everywhere in-between. We have also more recently taken on projects in Brisbane so please don’t hesitate to reach out if you are Brisbane based. Eventually, we hope to franchise and be available across Australia, but for now, we are based on the Sunshine Coast.

Does Immackulate provide finance and when should I apply for approval?2020-06-09T01:46:32+10:00

We work closely with a finance broker who is brilliant with obtaining finance for Immackulate Clients. They know all of the detailed aspects of the way different banks operate and therefore based on your current circumstances have the ability to obtain the most efficient turnaround in finance approvals for our clients. We highly suggest seeking finance approval prior to commencing the design process – this gives you the best indication of what you can spend on your home. We are 100% budget guided by you. Whether you have $350,000 or $3,000,000 to spend, we design your house to your budget. It is therefore highly recommended that you obtain finance prior to meeting with our design team. Our finance brokers can give you an indication of where your approval level will sit within about 10 short minutes. Please reach out if you would like to work with our finance broker.

Who are Immackulate Designer Homes?2020-06-09T01:54:24+10:00

Immackulate Designer Homes is an all-inclusive service house design and building service providing bespoke contemporary home design that combines incredible architecture and attention to detail with a modern and timeless finish.

Immackulate are dedicated to providing the highest level of customer service from the initial consultation stage through to handover.

What style of home design does Immackulate design and build?2020-04-30T04:52:08+10:00

Immackulate tailors each and every home to suit client needs and wants within an agreed budget. Along with the style each client desires, Immackulate will help realise your dream home.

Do I have to select all the features, fixtures & façade?2020-04-30T04:56:29+10:00

This is completely up to you. We like to include our clients in every aspect of the process, while using our professional experience in guiding them in the right direction. You approve every aspect of your home before we proceed to the next stage. We do however have some clients that would prefer to engage our team to do it all and would prefer to remain out of the decision making process in the way of finishes and selections – we are 100% equiped to operate either way and offer both services.

Do we choose home colours?2020-04-30T04:59:22+10:00

Absolutely! Unless of course you don’t want to. We involve our clients in every step of the process. You select and approve of every aspect of your home. We have a large range of options to select from in our showroom and if none of these are to your liking, we bring samples in of anything specific or unique you are looking for. We are an all inclusive design and building service that caters to your every need. It is our highest priority to get your home to exactly the way you visualise it, and we don’t stop searching until we have it correct. We do however have clients who prefer to be hands off and want our professional designer to do it all, that approach is totally ok too, just let us know which what you’d like to go.

What guarantee do I get from an Immackulate Designer Home?2020-04-30T05:03:11+10:00

Each Immackulate Designer Home is warranted under the HIA 7 year non structural warranty. For more information about warranties and guarantees Immackulate offer, please contact us today

When will my home build application be submitted to council?2020-04-30T05:04:04+10:00

Immackulate will put together the package to send through to council. This includes the master plans, construction footing and all other relevant information once the design has been signed off and deposit payment has been made.