When it comes to interior design, over 90% of our assessment of a home is made on colour alone, therefore it makes sense that colour should be considered with care for every home design palette. Some may suggest you use online colour scheme generators, however surveys of our clients show they have had striking results with colour palette designs created in-house with our Immackulate consultants.

When you combine warm accent colours with a clean background it creates a crisp and fresh look, which has a very welcoming street appeal. If your taste is a little bolder, try using colours that have a high contrast against each other for a visually impacting effect. When using bright colour tones, we suggest balancing them with some more neutral whites or light greys as this gives your home a modern & stylish look that is timeless.

Traditionally, our contemporary home designs have unique external facades that include modern components. A perfect example of this is our floating concept design that was brought to life in our Immackulate HQ and suggests the use of more neutral colours couple with a bold feature colour. If you have a scheme in mind, bring it to your consultation and we can include this in our 3D rendering of your proposed new home design.

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Remember, we’re here to support you through the entire process associated with new home design and construction. Undertaking a consultation with Immackulate Designer Homes is the perfect way to begin to understand your needs. One of our award-winning designers will meet with you to discuss everything you want out of your home including your budget, lifestyle and needs.

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