Designing Your Modern Bathroom 


The modern bathroom is so much more than just another room in your home. It is an oasis for you to extend your personality, indulge and create a space of tranquillity. The bathroom has become a fashion accessory to show off to friends and family, a place to take your interior design to the next level and a [...]

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The Importance of Landscaping


Once the design and construction of your new home is complete, the attention often turns to the outdoors – the yard. Landscaping is an incredibly important aspect of the overall design for many reasons – not just because it looks great. Ensuring you have a budget put aside for the landscaping is ideal and know [...]

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What is Colour Theory?


While you may not be an interior designer, you may have a basic colour theory, or scheme, in mind when selecting the colours for your home to ensure the best representation of each space in your beautiful, new designer home. When you talk to us about the materials you will be using to furnish such [...]

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Incredible First Impressions


Your homes’ exterior is the first impression and gateway to your family’s sanctuary. When designing this fundamental element of your new home, you want to choose a look that makes a statement with style that will also compliment your homes’ interior. A well-designed exterior will flow through to the interior, creating an incredible entry space [...]

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La Verne, California


Located in a small city in Los Angeles, California is La Verne. Just imagine: The City of Angels, movie sets, the beach, large green areas, Beverly Hills, mansions and money, money and money. Once you have imagined this you can understand why some of the most modern and contemporary designed homes are here. We recently [...]

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The Kitchen is Crucial for Re-Sale


Can you sell a house on a kitchen? Whether you are building a new home or completely renovating your kitchen, it is extremely important to know that the main selling feature of a home’s marketing campaign is the kitchen. At Immackulate Designer Homes, we pride ourselves as Sunshine Coast builders, on supplying the most relevant [...]

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Architecture: Lefevre Beach House


Recently we came across some amazing architecture... they call it the place that the Peruvian desert meets the Pacific Ocean. This absolutely beautiful house we are referring to is located South of Lima in Peru. The integration of architecture and landscape was of great importance when designing this home. In order to incorporate all of [...]

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Designer Homes & Staircases


The stairs in your home can have a compelling visual impact on your interior design. The staircase is a fundamental element of architectural design and makes a powerful statement aesthetically while still performing the fundamental purpose it is there for. Although there is always the technical requirements that ensure safe construction and of course simply [...]

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Thanks to Realestate.com.au we learnt a whole lot of tips to making your home minimalist. If you are looking to reduce your items to the necessary elements, then the minimalist look is for you. Clean lines, a neutral palette, hard finishes and contemporary furniture… here is how you do it. Minimalism In Home Design Get [...]


Pelican Waters Builders


Recently, we began a new Pelican Waters project for one of our amazing clients. Each day we travelled down to the location (only 15 minutes from the office), we really had our eyes opened to Pelican Waters and just how beautiful it is. As Sunshine Coast Builders, we love knowing every aspect of the Sunshine [...]

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