Within just over a decade, Immackulate has grown to one of the coast’s most recognisable firms, employing a core team of professionals and over 120 on-site contractors per project. They have been recognised publicly with numerous awards, successfully designed, built and completed over 100 houses ranging from $500,000 to $2,500,000 project costs. But beyond all of the accolades they have achieved, this family with big dreams from humble beginnings have maintained their tight knit core family values and woven them into the homes that they get the privilege of building for their clients.

Allow us to introduce you to our Immackulate Team. We take pride in having recruited a valuable and outstanding team of experts, each of whom play a crucial and deeply valued role in the overall success of Immackulate Designer Homes.


Co Director, Strategic Direction, Head Designer and Client Liaison

Mitch lives and breathes impeccable design; he dreams about it at night. With over 17 years experience designing, building and investing in houses, Mitch is proud to wake up each day to share the skills and knowledge he has gained over the years with Immackulates’ clients. With a combination of designer knowledge and investment advice, Mitch leaves clients with a sound understanding of what lies ahead in their journey with Immackulate and more of a spring in their step than when they started.


Co Director Principal Site Manager

With over 20 years experience as a builder Matt is the attention to detail guy. He is the king of effortless juggling and project manages all of the jobs. The beauty of working with Matt who holds Immackulates’ Builders Licence is that he is also a designer, so having both a construction guru combined with designers knowledge on site, he is able to help give clients in-depth information and understanding on site throughout the construction of their home. With an infectious laugh, Matt ensures the energy is positive and productive on site so that beyond the priority of perfection and project management efficiencies on your job, he oversees the teams with his signature good-humored attitude that ensures there is a foundation of positive energy in your home from laying the slab to turning the key.


Co Director Principal Estimator

Ken has not only watched the Sunshine Coast develop before his eyes, he has been an integral part of shaping it. He has been building families dreams for over 40 years and brings both a lifetime of knowledge and unsurpassed building practices to the team. Ken has hung up the tool belt for now and since seeing both of his sons Mitch and Matt through their apprenticeships, design and building courses, he now leads the team as Principal Estimator at Immackulate Designer Homes.


Project Manager

Stewart brings 19 years experience in top level Project Management to Immackulate. Having worked across commercial, industrial and residential fields in multiple countries, he brings a wealth of valuable knowledge to the team he oversees. Stewart has managed large multifaceted projects and has a keen interest for bespoke and sophisticated building and design. Hailing all the way from Melbourne, Stewart brings his top-tier, city knowledge combined with his lateral thinking creativity to our organisation and we are thrilled with the way he internally steers the ship.


Project Scheduler

Luke or ‘Cookie’ as we call him, is a carpenter by trade with a Diploma of Construction Management behind him. With over 15 years of experience in his field he is beyond knowledgeable and qualified to execute this important role within Immackulate. He holds an integral part in the day to day success within the business as well as drives the seamless delivery and execution of our projects.

Luke is an absolute team player and thrives on the collective efforts in delivering a remarkable home for our clients. At Immackulate he’s appreciated and looked up to for his great attention to detail.


Building and Interior Designer

Amanda has been with Immackulate from day one and plays an integral role in our success story. She is one of our Senior Designers with over 10 years of working experience in both building and interior design. Amanda draws inspiration from the projects she gets to work on and being part of creating people’s homes and interior spaces keeps her passion alive. Amanda’s unique design skills, her sense for aesthetics and her impeccable attention to detail is what we appreciate about Amanda.


Senior Building Designer

Scott brings over 18 years of experience in building design to Immackulate. His knowledge and attention to detail is one of the strongest we have seen in this industry. We are grateful to be working with someone who is equal parts passionate and experienced in his career. No matter what design Scott is currently working on, he will fill the project with dedication and excitement. His colleagues appreciate him for his support and for sharing his knowledge whenever needed.


Building Designer & Interior Designer

Leah holds a triple diploma in Building and Interior Design as well as Advance Interior Design. Leah offers a unique skill set and undeniable flair – you know the kind of person that’s born with great taste, that’s Leah. Leah is beyond talented and highly appreciated for her design aesthetics, her creativity and wealth of ideas. She is known at Immackulate for her effortlessness in building great relationships with her clients. Seeing the designs she created on screen come to life on a block of land fills her with passion for her profession.


Building Designer & Interior Designer

With a decade of experience in her field, Silvia’s passion for architecture and residential design shines through every project she touches. Silvia holds a degree in Architecture & Urban Planning from Mackenzie Presbyterian University in Sao Paulo, Brazil, including one year of study overseas through a Student Exchange Program at Lusofona University, in Lisbon, Portugal. Believing that learning is integral to work, she concluded her studies in Building & Interior Design at TAFE in 2021 and currently is employed with IDH as a designer. Silvia loves creating spaces that reflect the elevated lifestyle relished by her clients. Her enthusiasm, sharp eye for detail and cutting-edge aesthetic style makes her an indispensable asset to the IDH team.

*Please note: Although Silvia holds a degree in Architecture and Urban Planning, she does not provide architectural services for Immackulate Designer Homes as per the Queensland Architects Act 2002.


Sales Estimator

John holds a higher National Diploma in Building Studies and brings over 40 years of experience to the Immackulate team. His intricate knowledge developed over years of experience, John has the ability to complete rapid estimates within an extremely narrow margin of difference. This fine detailed knowledge assists in budget guidance that is crucial to the custom design and building process.. John’s role and contribution to our success at Immackulate and the whole team are profound. Keeping a close eye on the market, whilst navigating and ensuring the successful delivery of new and ongoing projects, he knows all of the ins and outs of sales estimation.



Rob was born with a passion for building, working across various aspects of construction for 20 years dating back to working on the tools in a part-time capacity from his highschool years. Having completed his carpentry qualifications in 2006, Rob went on to complete a range of construction projects including residential, commercial, renovations and luxury apartment construction in both a hands-on and supervisory capacity. Rob left the tools behind in 2015 and commenced estimating. He brings a vast amount of highly valued experience to his role at Immackulate, having the knowledge of how to physically build each home offers a significant level of efficiency and accuracy in his estimating role with us.


Business Coordinator

The go-getter on our team. Armed with a degree in Commerce and Marketing, she’s currently rocking it in Project Management studies. Zita’s got a knack for front-office tasks, like boosting biz development, handling contracts and looking after our amazing clients. With her eagle eye for detail and a swiss-army knife of skills, Zita ensures efficient operations and leaves no stone unturned. Her greatest strengths lie in her passion for excellence and comprehensive skill set to tackle challenges and deliver results. Here at Immackulate, we find her ability to juggle multiple responsibilities and maintain a high level of organisation truly impressive.


Marketing Assistant | Display Home Host

With a keen eye for both design and detail, supported by her bachelor’s degree in mass communication and media studies as well as her diploma in Interior Design, Eeva’s mastery of communicating stunning design features make her an integral part of the Immakculate team. Her previous work in marketing coordination and as a senior interior stylist as well as her passion for interior design and style, give her extensive expertise in creating content for marketing that is both stunning, eye-cathing and strategic. She constantly seeks inspiration even in the most mundane of imageries and has been creating content for 11 years.



Melissa is Immaculates bookkeeping backbone.. With over 25 years of experience in her field her position is vital to ensure the stability of the cash flow at Immackulate. She keeps the business operations flowing and maintains a sharp eye across all finance related endeavours. She has a true passion for numbers and ensuring compliance through up to date bookkeeping. Besides her love for numbers she inspires the team with her dedication to her health and well-being. Melissa makes it a priority to go to the gym every single day.